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MycoFarming is a startup based at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

We work in the field of applied mycology, with technologies like mycofiltration.

We use this technology to reduce the environmental impact of our growing population.

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  • Stikstof: Nitrogen ∧

    Nitrogen is a building block for life, present in proteins (yup, our proteins), and chlorophyl (the substance that makes plants green). It is also present in high concentrations in fertilisers and animal waste (pee and poo).

  • Excess ∨

    Everything in excess ends up causing damage. Our farms require a lot of nutrients to grow our food, but even in regenerative farming settings, produce only gets to absorb about 30% of the nitrogen available in the soil. The rest, washes into our freshwaters.

  • Over-fertilisation ∨

    When large amounts of nitrogen reach fresh waters, they become excessively fertilised. This causes cyanobacterial bloom, a type of bacterial frenzy that depletes the oxygen in the water. Devoid of oxygen all other life in it, plant and animal, die.

  • Eutrophication ∨

    This process is called eutrophication. Eutrophied waters are toxic for human consumption too. This creates additional problems for water treatment plants that spend energy to restore eutrophied waters to safe nutrient and bacterial levels.

  • Fresh water ∨

    Fresh water is our most precious resource. Currently our food production is endangering our fresh water supplies. For every nutrient used to grow our food, 2 are lost to the environment, ending in our waters. This is a massive waste of resources.

  • Food security ∨

    However, we cannot just stop growing food. Food security is an upmost priority, along with water security, and as such, we cannot compromise on one for the sake of the other. We need a solution that allows us to grow our food sustainably, without polluting our waters.

  • The Netherlands ∨

    A tiny country with a large industry and population is a recipe for nutrient excess. Being one of the best agricultural producers, comes at a cost.

The Netherlands



    Using the natural filtration capabilities of fungal mycelium, we effectively capture and degrade nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, from agricultural runoff before they accumulate in our water bodies.

    Our biofilters, based on mycelium, can reduce nutrient emissions by 60 to 90%, transforming harmful substances into fertile biomass.

    This process not only supports clean water initiatives but also promotes a sustainable, circular approach to nutrient management.

    This 100% organic solution aligns with global efforts to reduce environmental footprints, offering farmers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional water treatment methods.

    MycoFarming's system is designed for easy integration with existing agricultural practices, with minimum impact to productivity and maximum impact to nutrient emissions.

    This approach not only preserves the livelihood of farmers but also enhances our environmental resilience.

MycoFarming logoMycoFarming logo

Our team

MycoFarming is led by Juan Cruz Tubio, a visionary engineer, and Osayomwanbo Osarenotor, a scientist with a deep passion for biobased pollution remediation.

We combine expertise in mycology, IT engineering and ecology, driving our innovation in developing organic, and effective environmental solutions.

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Demonstrator Lab

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'StartHub' De Boelelaan 1095a, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Find us at the 'StartHub' at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam